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Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Retire Rich

After Retirement, your regular income may stop but your expenses would not.  In fact, they might increase.

Are you covered?


Why do I need a Retirement Plan?

     We work hard throughout our lives so that we can live comfortably during the best years of our life. Actually, the 'best years' begin when we are through with all our responsibilities of life.

After retirement, your regular income may stop but your expenses would not. In fact, they might increase.
Imagine a situation where you have a regular flow of income, even after retirement. A retirement solution would not only help you with a regular inflow of money but would also maintain your existing lifestyle so that you can Retire Rich.

    You may or may not have a retirement plan through your employer. If you don't have an Employer-Sponsored Retirement Plan, you will need to focus on funding your retirement. Also look at other post retirement benefits that you might receive like – health expense cover for an army officer, fixed pension for a government employee, etc.

    However, relying completely on the benefits made available by the employer or the government may leave you in a difficult position as these have their own limitations. Also, the unexpected expenses that may arise are not covered by these securities. 

 How Much  Will I Need?

  • Decide the Age at which you want to retire
  • Decide the Annual Income you’ll need for your retirement years
  • Add up the Current Market Value of your Savings and Investment 
  • Estimate for your Future Health Expenses 

Cash Rich

     At retirement what we look at is financial security. A flow of guaranteed income provides that financial security.

     Bajaj Allianz CashRich plan offers guaranteed cash back of 5% of sum assured per year along with a cash bonus, which would be your regular income.

Key features

  • Accumulated compound reversionary bonus on completion of premium payment term.
  • Cash Back benefit of 5% of the sum assured plus cash bonus, if any declared every year, during the cash back period end.  
  • Sum Assured plus terminal bonus, if any on maturity of the policy.
  • Select your policy term from 10 years to 65 years depending on your financial need.
  • Select your limited premium paying term (PPT) from 5 years to 30 years, in multiple of 5 only.
  • Pay your future premiums in advance and get benefit of appropriate discounts.

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